Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 0 - Houston, TX: The Gear

First post of my new blog covering my trip to Europe which begins tomorrow. I have completed my final round of packing and am ready to go. I'm taking only one bag and a small daypack for after I drop my stuff off at wherever I'm staying. Here is a picture of everything I am bringing (keyboard not included).

And here are some shots of everything after it goes into my bag. While not exactly light, you can see that it allows me to be quite mobile and able to join in any random pickup game that I might encounter while on the trip.

Mad Hops here (that's right boys, that's me almost dunking on a 9 foot rim. . . 9 feet!!. . . Almost!!). And yes, I have a basketball goal in my living room. I'm banking that it increases my resale by at least 10%.

Notice the form here. As most of you know, this is no surprise as I typically am associated with words such as sleek, graceful, and coordinated. . .  much like a really nice foreign sports car.

Moments before I take it right back up the middle. This turned out to be the last picture of the night. Update: The photographer, my roommate Brady, is recovering nicely after he and the ball made friends. More importantly, the camera was unharmed.

Everything is as ready as it is going to be. Long one tomorrow as I am flying all day. Chicago to Boston to Rykjavik, Iceland to Paris on Monday morning. Here we go. . .